Shift your Smile

transform your story

Become a source of inspiration and spread the emotion of smiling at every moment.

What does smile design consist of?

A procedure that mixes art, professionalism and technology to give functionality, esthetics and harmony to the teeth.

Ceramic Design

They are veneers made of ceramic and are placed on the outer face of the tooth in order to give a better appearance, among its benefits are: a durable material, does not change color and this material allows the ideal union between the tooth enamel and the veneer.

Resin design

It is a procedure that is performed with thin layers of resin on the external surface of the tooth to improve its appearance, achieving immediate alignment and whitening of the teeth.

Antes y Después​

At Smile Code Studio we get as excited as our patients to see how their smiles transform and bring their dreams to life.



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